All About Me

I like doing every single thing with my grandgirls, Marina, Esme and Lucia. Reading, of course. Also being ridiculous voices for our puppets and stuffed animals. Also singing, and dancing and eating ice cream. Lucia thinks I’m the funniest Granna in the world--so funny that I maybe should be on Comedy Sports or something. Marina thinks I’m the greatest singer alive--so talented that maybe I should be on American Idol.




To see what kind of Granna I am, read, Sleepover at Gramma’s House.


Mina and Me

Blowing Bubbles



 Did you ever wonder what I used to look like?


Wondering what I look like now?






The absolute truth is that I'm the luckiest woman alive. I have two little grandgirls, as you can see. Plus, I live in this house I love, which is very very old and made of stone and on a twisty windy creek which has little croakers in it in the summer and ice skaters in the winter. I live in this house with my doggies, Nugget and Poppy. I call them the licksters.

(To read more about my house, see the Spring, 2010 issue of American Syle Magazine. )


I also live in this house with my husband, Chuck, who makes beautiful sculpture out of bronze and also makes me laugh, although not with his sculpture unless he wears it on his head, which sometimes he does.

If you want to know more about Chuck and his sculpture, check out


I call Nugget my Mostly Dog because he's good . . . mostly. Nugget is very silly. If he were a human being, he'd wear a lampshade on his head. Naturally, I love him to pieces.

"my Mostly Dog"



Poppy is fuzzy and soft as a blankie. Lucia Likes patting Poppy when we read books. Poppy has frog friends. She plucks them out of Chuck's fancy fountains, then thumps them with her big paw and cuddles up. The frogs don't think Poppy is so fuzzy and soft. They think she is BIG.


And my kids?? Maaike is a lawyer and also Lucia's Mom. You might think lawyers aren’t that much fun and they probably wear suits and pinchy shoes, but not Maaike! No no no.  Maaike is very funny and very cuddly and alllllwaaays fancy. 


Even when she’s baking.



 My daughter, Anneke, has many surprises

1) she teaches science at UW-Whitewater.
2) she’s on the Maiden Milwaukee roller derby team. 
3) She's Marina's Mom.
4) She wears scissors, though not all the time. It turns out, she only wears scissors on her face when I want to take her picture.


And guess what? Rob is back from Hungary. And also guess what? He shaved off is beard!! I'm one happy Mama.



And here's something else. Something surprising and wonderful! Now I'm writing the words to music! Dancy FUN music, on a new CD called "Ready Set Go" by the Nashville Kindie-rock band, The Happy Racers. Some of the tracks go with my books. To find out more go to my Songs page.