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All About Me

I’ve had a dream for a long, long time. I wanted to write a musical. AND NOW IT’S HAPPENING!! “Lovabye Dragon” will have its world premiere at First Stage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The musical covers three books in the Dragon and Girl series–Lovabye Dragon, Evermore Dragon and Sail Away Dragon. I co-wrote the lyrics for lots of the music, which is infectious, foot tapping, body squirming kind of stuff. Dragon will be a giant puppet, like in War Horse. I’m over the moon.

Exciting News!


Would you like to meet my Grandgirls?

Marina Belladonna is not afraid of spiders

Here’s Marina Belladonna. Her Mom is a scientist. Marina is NOT afraid of spiders.

Marina can be fierce!

Marina can be fierce. . . as you can see.

Lucia, beautiful, inside and out.

And here’s Lucia, whom I call Lulu. She’s beautiful, inside and out.

Esme the BunnyLion

And here’s Esme. Esme says she’s a BunnyLion. That means she’s cuddly on the outside, but also has claws. Do you?

Did you ever wonder what I used to look like?

THIS is what I USED to look like!

Wondering what I look like now?

This is what I look like now!

My Good Old House, me, and the licksterscuddlychuckThe absolute truth is that I’m the luckiest woman alive. I have three little grandgirls as you can see. Plus I live in this house I love, which is very very old and made of stone and on a twisty creek which has little croakers in the summer and ice skaters in the winter. I live in this house with my doggies Nugget and Poppy. I call them the licksters.

To read more about my house, see the Spring, 2010 issue of American Syle Magazine.

I also live in this house with my husband, Chuck, who makes beautiful sculpture out of bronze and makes me laugh. At night, when I can’t sleep, he tells me “boring stories” just to help me sleep. The stories are like “The History of Cold Cuts” and things like that. zzzzzzz.

Nugget, my Mostly dog
I call Nugget my “mostly dog” because he’s good . . . mostly.

frogfriendPoppy is fuzzy and soft like a blankie. Poppy has frog friends. She plucks them out of Chuck’s fancy fountains, then thumps them with her big paw to make a Frog Party. She likes the way they hop and pop. Poppy LOVES her frog friends. The frogs do not like Poppy. She’s too big and too thumpy.

And HERE are my kids . .

Rob, who is a cellarist
Rob, who is a cellarist at Lake Front Brewery!

Maaike, who finds jobs for lawyers and is also a lawyer and also a Mom.


Anneke, who is a science professor and ALSO A CHILDREN’S BOOK AUTHOR!! Yuppers. She and I are co-authoring a series of picture books about animals.