All About Me

Renee is my very good friend. We hatched a clever plan. I’d write a series of books about two fox cousins who visit fun cities. And Renee would illustrate the books. And then we’d have to visit these cities together (wink wink) and call each other every day to work on the books (wink wink) and then go back to the cities to autograph the books. And we’d do it all together! Are you starting to see the genius of our clever plan???

The very first book is about Milwaukee, our home town. Next is Detroit, which we absolutely positively fell in love with. Then Nashville, a city where music seems to come from every open door and window and Indianapolis, the city of wide open arms. After that? Maybe Austin. We’ve got a lot of travellin’ ahead, so pick up a book and come along!

Lulu & Rocky in NASHVILLE

Lulu & Rocky in Nashville

Would you like to meet my Grandgirls?

Marina Belladonna is not afraid of spiders

Here’s Marina Belladonna. Her Mom is a scientist. Marina is NOT afraid of spiders.

Marina can be fierce!

Marina can be fierce. . . as you can see.

Lucia, beautiful, inside and out.

And here’s Lucia, whom I call Lulu. She’s beautiful, inside and out.

Esme the BunnyLion

And here’s Esme. Esme says she’s a BunnyLion. That means she’s cuddly on the outside, but also has claws. Do you?

Did you ever wonder what I used to look like?

THIS is what I USED to look like!

Wondering what I look like now?

This is what I look like now!

And HERE are my kids . .

Rob, who is a cellarist
Rob, who is a cellarist at Lake Front Brewery!

Maaike, who finds jobs for lawyers and is also a lawyer and also a Mom.


Anneke, who is a science professor and ALSO A CHILDREN’S BOOK AUTHOR!! Yuppers. She and I are co-authoring a series of picture books about animals.